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yumi. twenty. judo fan.

a normal girl with big dreams for herself.

i reblog fuzzy things, pretty things, food, cats, foxes, and things that make me snort.

my life revolves around judo as i aim to get better. am currently time off school to focus on my dream of competing internationally.

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I just need to so better. So much better.

I’m pissed off and ready to kick some ass. Time to go all out in training.

"If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission."

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YES.YES.YES. People need to realise this 

This belongs more on Facebook than it does on tumblr.

i think you’re missing out on some of tumblr then… but it should be on facebook too, it should be on every social media site!

What I mean is that people on tumblr seem better at sympathy and know how to treat others but there’s a lot of homophobic people and swagfags who blame rape victims for what happened to them on Facebook.


Kosei Inoue, once was called by the great Neil Adams “Mr. Uchi-Mata”… wonder why :)


what’s the point of having soft, non-chapped lips if no one is kissing me

I need a friend.

So bummed and unmotivated that it’s incredible.